Yoga Wisdom & Meditation

Meditation is far more than a useful tool to calm the mind….it is a pathway into unimaginable, unchartered realms, where creativity, beauty, wisdom and fulfillment sleep in readiness  to unfurl.

Yoga Wisdom and Meditation workshops and retreats  offer the meditative path revealed by Kashmiri sages through the mystical and ancient Tantric texts, in particular the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, the Spanda Karikas and The Pratyabrijnahrdayamm. These texts are direct pathways to enlightenment in the monistic Trika system of Kashmir Shivaism.

A central theme of the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism is the highly esoteric principal known as Spanda which means vibrationless/vibration or established stable movement.

The meditation practices in these agamas, have been loved and revered by teacher and students of many traditions. Some of the centring techniques, dharanas. have found their way into contemporary religion and spirituality.

The Reiki principal and practices are rooted in and an expression of this tradition that teaches how to expand your consciousness while living in this world as an embodied soul.

Many magnificent people courageously set forth to find home. The final stages for human transformation comes through interior practices.

And in the end, instead of becoming a ‘somebody’, we become a nobody, full complete and in love with life.

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