Yoga Wisdom and Meditation: December 2015

I was recently talking with an old friend who is thinking of retiring from his drafting job.
He said, “You know Karen, I’ve spent my whole life learning, and now it’s as though there’s nothing new to learn, it’s just the same old same old – it sort of dries you up inside”

I asked him about his activism work. He has always been passionate about environmental and conservation matters, lobbying against mining and  destructive commercial developments.
He said with sadness, “ I’m too angry. I have everything vetted now in case of litigation”

His sadness was tangible as was his loss of meaning. Perhaps you can relate to this emptiness, lack of purpose and zeal for life.
So much of the meaning in our lives is given to externally focussed living.
Meditation is the inward  journey to the only truth of life, Love. Meditation gives meaning and ‘ignites’ the flame the rasa of inner life force.

The ancient scriptures of the non dual traditions tell us meditation is an act of Grace which saves us from sea of impressions that constantly threaten our peace and harmony.

Many great beings tell us, (and this has been my experience too), that meditation is far more than a stress reduction method. It’s an unfailing route to experience the endless wonders of consciousness which lie within us all.
Practicing meditation for the love of it and awakening the inner energy become the reason for our existence. We literally wake up to our true nature. One boon that emerges through a dedicated practice is we navigate our mundane worldly lives with far greater precision, elegance and equanimity.

Please join me for this two part meditation series entitled: Yoga Wisdom and Meditation.

Based on the 12th century scripture of Kashmir Shaivism, the Vijnana Bhairava we will explore both concentration, integrative (mindfulness) and contemplative practices.
These workshops are suited to anyone, whether you’ve never meditated or are wanting to exponentially expand your existing practice.
The classes will include weekly meditation and walking around techniques for each session and an opportunity to ask questions and share experiences.

So please join us on December 12 to take the next step and dive deeply into the love and intelligence which abounds in every particle of this Universe.

There will be a limited number of spaces and interstate students are most welcome to join in via Skype. Please contact me for details.
When:  Saturdays December 12 and 19, 2015
10.00 am – 1.30pm

Where: 1/102 Toorak Rd, South Yarra

Fee:  $100.00
$80.00 if you introduce  a friend

Workshops require minimum registration numbers and thus maybe cancelled at short notice.

Copyright Karen Workman 2015

Enquiries : Contact Karen HERE or phone 0403 932 223

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