Yoga Wisdom and Meditation

Meditation is where we go when we realize we are not who we think we are… eventually, with grace we are called to know the Truth.

The Tantric meditation teachings don’t ask us to leave this world. They teach us to enter inside the many ordinary moments to recognize ourselves as the underlying field of knowingness that is the source of pulsating joy and wisdom at the heart of all existence.

Practicing with the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra text teaches us how to ride the waves of consciousness that endlessly arise and dissolve as both our outer and inner worlds.

The energy teachings of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra in the form of 112 dharanas or centering techniques are charged with the power to awaken us, to ignite the light of our limited consciousness. We are literally awakened to understand that which ordinary consciousness cannot reach.

Traditionally the Vijnana Bhairava uses concentrative, integrative (mindfulness) and contemplative practices.

These workshops are suited to anyone, whether you’ve never meditated or are wanting to exponentially expand your existing practice.

The Tantric meditation classes will include traditional closed eye meditations and walking around techniques. There is ample opportunity to ask questions and share experiences. References to translations of the text will be available for ongoing self study.


tantric pathways to meditation