Reiki Training

Four Levels for Reiki Training

The four stages of learning Gendai Reikiho are a conscious and continuing development of the student’s inner Reiki, and ultimately, a means to attain a state of oneness with the Universe.

Reiki training is a energy training system to recognise and live the truth, that we are the One consciousness. Mikao Usui called this one consciousness, Reiki.

Reiki is both the awareness that Lights all consciousness and the pulsation of divine creative Love that continuously manifests and recreates itself as the world, including us, our inner worlds.

Opening to Reiki is a conscious decision to a path of energetic transformation, of spiritual evolution. The training commences with learning to experience the subtle realm through teate, hand healing.

As one moves to higher levels of Reiki, the capacity to engage with and as higher frequencies and to use this to  heal others is recognized. Each stage is engendered with traditional Japanese Reiki Ryoho (techniques) which enhance and support further inner growth.As you progress you are gradually able to sustain higher more subtle states of consciousness.

Impurity or boysen in this context means we are pulled by the sense organs into externalising our search for completeness, contentment and happiness.

Each level of training opens the aspirant to a new stage of personal growth and spiritual advancement.

Dedicated Reiki practice brings physical and mental health, happiness and deep understanding about the nature of Reality.

Students are welcome to take one or more levels of training as they feel ready.

Deepening your Practice Audio tele-workshops

Advancing students of all levels and traditions are welcome to join the three –part audio Skype Deepening your Practice workshop series. Each series offers new ways to creatively practice with Reiki and expand our experiential awareness of the nature of Reality.

The Deepening workshops have been created for those seeking sincere spiritual evolution through Reiki. This can be in conjunction with your own dedicated spiritual path or not.

Growing Reiki awareness begins with your training workshop.

Reiki Training Levels

Level 1 (Shoden) Initiates the ability to heal oneself using Reiki. In the class, students are attuned to Reiki energy and learn hand positions to heal themselves and others, together with traditional Japanese Gendai Reikiho (techniques) for self purification.
The fee: $300
Level 2 (Okuden) Furthering of ones capacity to heal is the focus of the workshop. Students receive and learn to use the 3 symbols for distance healing, mental and emotional healing and to increase energy. Advanced Gendai Reikiho are taught.

Level 2 is for Reiki practitioners considering or commencing professional practice, or who are ready to offer Reiki to others.

The fee: $350
Level 3 (Shinpiden) Students are awakened to the power of transformation through working with vibrations of a higher dimension. A commitment to a journey of spiritual growth and purification through steady practice using Reikiho (Reiki techniques) is essential for opening to level 3. The 4th symbol, also used for teaching, is imparted for personal use.
The fee: $350
Level 4 (Gokuikaiden) Teaching Master After some time a student may be called to transmit the gift of Reiki to others. This longing to become the light, to be a guide for others as they open to Reiki is considered a humble and sacred undertaking.
The fee: $500

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Reiki practice gatherings are open to all.  The gatherings are for students of any tradition to meet, share Reiki and realise Reiki energy. The gathering is an opportunity for anyone to experience Reiki before attending a class.

Koryukai is held in Melbourne with the opportunity to listen in via audio Skype from afar.

Gendai Reiki students $25.00

Other traditions  $35.00

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