Reiki Session – Receiving Reiki Healing

The benefits of a Reiki session have been felt for pain, trauma, depression, anxiety, A.D.H.D, women’s health, sleep disorders, chronic disease, CFS, mental and emotional health, including eating disorders, OCD, Asperger’s syndrome.

However, the essence of Reiki training and a Reiki session is to expand your awareness. Both Reiki training and Reiki sessions are energy training. Reiki practice enhances spiritual development. This is the true understanding of healing.

The healing quality of Reiki comes through elevation of our conscious awareness to recognise that the limited experience of what we ordinarily think of and relate to as ourselves, is what creates and maintains our boundness, our sense of being caught in the endless cycle of disharmony.

Symptoms and ill health are signals of disharmony in our life and our inner world and are to be respected. Reiki doesn’t replace medical treatment but in this tradition brings unconscious material into consciousness so we can heal and move on. The invitation is then to live our life in alignment with the highest principals, thus alleviating creation of future disharmony.

reiki care session