The Five Gokai

The Five Gokai of traditional Usui Reiki

Thanks to Michiyo Miwa, Sumi-e master and Gendai Reiki student for the beautiful calligraphy of the five Gokai.


The 5 gokai or spiritual principals have many levels of meaning and the dedicated student contemplates these as ongoing Reiki practice.

At a gross level the 5 gokai provide guidance, an ethical code as to how to live our lives.

As a more subtle teaching we are asked to repeatedly let go of our identification with anger and fear, the root impulses arising from our limited sense of separation from each other and the divine. Elevated states such as compassion and gratitude are doorways into the heart of the primordial pulsation of Love that we know as Reiki.

Gradually the gokai reveal the experience of unity consciousness, Reiki consciousness. We realise there is no negative, only affirmation. The essence of everything is Reiki.