Deepening Your Practice – Advanced Reiki Workshops

advanced reiki practiceReiki is an internal practice.
It refines the subtle intellect and the subtle body until eventually we fully resonate as Reiki.
Reiki practice is simple in that there is very little to learn using objective consciousness.
Expanding understanding however, is infinite. Our aim is to live inside Reiki.
Growing Reiki awareness begins with your training workshop and develops further with these advanced Reiki workshops.

Advancing students of all levels and traditions are welcome to join the three –part audio Skype Deepening your Practice workshop series. Each series offers new ways to creatively practice with Reiki and expand our experiential awareness of the nature of Reality.

The Deepening advanced Reiki workshops have been created for those seeking sincere spiritual evolution through Reiki. This can be in conjunction with your own dedicated spiritual path or not.
Contemplation and working with skillful intention are the lens we apply in our study during these workshops, where you will enter deeply into some new aspect of the practice.